The hardest part is over. You’ve packed up your entire house and had it delivered to your new place. But after the moving truck leaves and the dust settles, you’re left with an unfinished home-and a LOT of boxes. So what do you do first?

1.  You want your new place to be safe and secure—start with the locks. If the previous residents or owners did not change the locks, make sure to do this first. And if the garage has a code, don’t forget to reset that, too! You can rest easier knowing that no one has the keys to your new place except you.

2.  Next, tackle the most important boxes first. Unpacking every room of your house will take a huge amount of your time, so make sure that you start with the most important rooms first—namely, the kitchen, bathroom(s) and the bedroom essentials. That way, you have everything you absolutely need ready to go while you take time to unpack everything else.

3.  Once you have those set up, make sure that you have all of your utilities in place. Test out your internet, electric, heat, etc. to make sure that everything is ready to go.

4.  Don’t forget to register your vehicle(s) if you’ve moved states, provinces or countries! Taking care of this ASAP will help you avoid hassles later down the road.

5.  Enjoy your new home!

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