Move-in day has finally come. For months, you’ve replayed the potential scenarios of this moment in your head over and over, prepping yourself for any nightmarish outcomes. I know your anxiety levels are through the roof, but take a moment collect yourself and relax. You’ll get through this just fine, especially if you follow these 3 simple tips.

  1. Pack well Opening the truck to see your cherished belongings scattered across the floor could cause even the most level-headed person to rage, which is why proper packing is essential. Buy quality boxes, line them with padding and tightly secure them to prevent damages.
  2. Inspect your old house Arriving at your new destination only to find that all of your shoes or your child’s favorite toys were left behind is a total buzzkill. Before leaving, look through your house one last time for any stray items or boxes.
  3. Get help You’re not a superhero, so don’t act like one by trying to do it all yourself. Either get friends or family to help, or call upon the assistance of professional movers. Out of all Seattle moving companies, trust Pacific Movers for the most efficient move.

For the smoothest move imaginable, call upon our Seattle movers. To ensure you feel no stress, we can handle packing, shipping and storage for local, long-distance, Seattle international and interstate moves. Call Pacific Movers or fill out our online quote form today to learn more about our capabilities and get your free quote!

Helpful moving tips