Whether you’ve just started researching movers or you’re ready to jump right into the process, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with the moving timeline. Our local movers in Bellevue understand that moving can be a little stressful at times, especially when you have a large family or are moving long distance. To make things easier on you, we’ve created a moving timeline that’s simple and easy to follow!

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Find a mover you trust and arrange a moving date that suits you.
  • Start going through your belongings by taking inventory and getting rid of what you don’t use.
  • Plan to use up all the things you can’t take with you, such as cleaning supplies, paint, or frozen foods.

6 Weeks Before

  • Begin to locate all your important documents like vehicle registration, medical records, financial statements, and other personal documents.
  • If you have children, notify their schools of your move and start the enrollment process at their new schools.

4 Weeks Before

  • Start to declutter and plan a garage sale for what you don’t want to take with you.
  • Start packing the non-essentials and remember to label each box.
  • Notify your current utility services of your move.

2-3 Weeks Before

  • Officially change your address and start to transfer your insurance.
  • Pack, pack, and also pack!

2-3 Days Before

  • Check-in with your mover and pack the items you that will stay with you as you travel, such as important documents, valuables, and other things that can’t be replaced.
  • If you have any more questions about the moving process or what you should be checking off your list, our Bellevue movers would be happy to answer them for you. Call or fill out our online form for your free moving quote today!