Pacific Movers Blog: Helpful moving tips

Seattle is Calling!

Seattle may have a reputation for a lot of rain, but those who are willing to brave the storms are rewarded with perks unlike any where else. Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains and incredible views. When the clouds pass, you can take in the sights of Discovery Park, Snoqualmie Falls, and the...

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3 Tips for the Smoothest Move of Your Life

Move-in day has finally come. For months, you’ve replayed the potential scenarios of this moment in your head over and over, prepping yourself for any nightmarish outcomes. I know your anxiety levels are through the roof, but take a moment collect yourself and relax. You’ll get through this just fin...

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Moving Tips — It’s Moving Season

It’s summer time and that means its prime time for moving.  As everyone is looking to move; the moving companies get swamped and booked up fast.  This means it’s always best to contact your mover as early in the moving process as possible.  The further ahead you talk to them the more...

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